For $40 an hour, you can rent a mom in NYC

Sometimes, you just need that maternal care without all the judgment. (Thinkstock)
Sometimes, you just need that maternal care without all the judgment. (Thinkstock)

Don’t you just love moms? Odds are if you know you’ve got a good one then you probably do. But let’s face it, sometimes moms judge you for your lifetstyle choices, your lack of career success, or your unhealthy/nonexistent relationships. The good news is Nina Keneally of Brooklyn, New York can be everything you need your mom to be without the pesky downsides for just $40 an hour.

Keneally got the idea after moving to the city from Connecticut a few years ago and consistently noticing that young people were confiding in her for her motherly advice. Although she had previously worked as a drug addiction counsellor, Keneally stresses her Need-a-Mom service is not a replacement for proper therapy. Her value in being your mom for hire goes beyond discussing personal issues.

The website for her business lists several services, including: ironing your shirt, reviewing your resume, baking you that pecan pie you love, watching a movie with you and buying, wrapping and shipping your actual mom her gift for the holidays. Perhaps more importantly, Keneally even lists what she won’t do for you: compare you to your cousins, judge your choices, expect a present or ask to take a selfie with you. It’s obviously clear just from reading the bulleted list she’s been a mom herself and used that experience to carve out this unique service. The 63-year-old Need-A-Mom has two sons age 30 and 27 to thank for that.

Inquiries for Keneally’s services are flooding in from all over the world these days; she even got a request to fly to Europe and play mom for a whole week.

If you find yourself pining for some motherly attention north of the border, fear not: there is actually a Canadian version of a rent-a-mom-type service run by a woman in Langley, B.C., but it’s really only a driving service to get kids to and from school and activities. A similar rent-a-mom service also exists in Honk Kong, China, but again, it’s built more around nursing and childcare rather than the concept of a grown up asking for advice.

Too bad for all of us Canadians out there struggling to get through life without the advice or kinship of mama. Don’t reach for the Kleenex box just yet though, because if you’re really desperate for some maternal comfort, you can always find a professional cuddling service to make you feel better. Beware though, it costs a little bit more than getting some non-biological mom time with Keneally and it doesn’t come with life advice, pecan pie, or a freshly-ironed shirt.