Former Chrétien advisor’s punk band releases ‘Mayor on Crack?’ tune

Former Chrétien advisor’s punk band releases ‘Mayor on Crack?’ tune

Canada's self-described "geriatric punk band," led, strangely, by former Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella, has weighed into the Rob Ford scandal with a musical bit of political satire.

The song Mayor On Crack?, released online Sunday, sums up the Ford saga's effect in its chorus.

We've got a Mayor on Crack?
We want to give him the sack
He makes us all wanna yak
We've got a Mayor on Crack?

Allegations that drug dealers were selling a video Toronto's mayor smoking crack cocaine have prompted turmoil at city hall. Ford fired his chief of staff and several other staffers have resigned.

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Since Canadians have already bought the T-Shirts for this endless, painful-to-watch scandal, it's fitting that we can now rock out to the story with Warren Kinsella and his band, Sh*t From Hell (SFH).

Kinsella was a prominent strategist for the federal Liberal Party under Jean Chrétien and more recently, an author and the head of a consulting group. Oh, and a punk-rocker.

The Torontoist has described listening to Kinsella's music as being "like watching a trained bear ride a tricycle; it’s weird and unnatural, but you can’t help but pay attention."

The band posted an announcement on May 20, saying it was heading into the studio to record a song about Rob Ford that would raise money to buy the supposed crack-smoking video. But on YouTube, the description says funds will go to a charity that helps Canadians with drug addictions.

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For a hint about the next Canadian political scandal that might feature in an SFH song, consult the band's Facebook page, where they recently told a fan to say hello to Mike Duffy and Nigel Wright in Ottawa.

"We will write a song about them next," the comment says. "The Wright Duff?"