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Fox cub finds help after its head gets stuck in a jar

A fox cub has found help among humans after the animal found itself bottled.

A video posted online last week shows a small fox approaching two men on a road, struggling with its head stuck inside a glass jar. The poor fox struggles at first as a hand reaches out to pull on the bottle that's encasing its head.

But one of them grabs the animal by its neck and carefully slides the bottle off before the fox dashes away into the forest.

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"Where is the thank you?" one of the men says jokingly in Russian, according to the Telegraph.

The men laugh and walk away, bottle in hand. The video had more than one million views on YouTube as of Monday morning.

A curious cow also became victim to an intriguing piece of garbage earlier this month when it stuck its head inside a toilet and became trapped, according to the Telegraph.

The newspaper reported the RSPCA in New South Wales, Australia rescued the confused cow by sawing off the toilet bowl. The situation made for quite a photo.

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In April, an elk picked up a tire necklace and wore the jewelry for weeks as neighbours, puzzled, watched her walk around as though nothing was wrong, according to an ABC News affiliate in Colorado.

Wildlife authorities said the elk might have been pregnant and tranquilizing her to remove the tire could hurt the calf.

I guess elks deserve stylish accessories too.


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