Utah friends build and jump into ‘world’s biggest pile of leaves’

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

These guys in Utah pretty much live out all of my leaf-loving fantasies and make the fall piles I used to rake together look like ant hills.

First, the three friends rented a truck and drove around Logan, Utah, to find every leaf they could.

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Then they built what they describe as the world's biggest pile of leaves to have some fun ... the pile is so big they can jump into it from the roof of a two-storey house.

The video description says the pile is five metres high, 18 metres around and contains more than 1,000 garbage bags full of leaves. Jokingly they say that they got every leaf in Utah, but the number is probably about 10 million — assuming there are 10,000 leaves in each bag.

Now that's a lot of leaves!

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