Gaffe of the week: Alicia Keys joins BlackBerry, but isn’t quite on board

Most people were expecting BlackBerry (formerly Research in Motion) to unveil a touchscreen smartphone today, but few were probably expecting to see Alicia Keys on stage as part of the launch.

Not only was she a part of the presentation, but she was revealed as the company's new global creative director. And based on her recent tweets she didn't learn of her new role much before we did.

At a press conference for the launch Keys said she and BlackBerry are now "exclusively dating." She also tweeted her excitement from Twitter's actual website, presumably on a computer — not a BlackBerry.

Apparently, she broke up with iPhone less than 24 hours ago. While the tweet above is her most recent one, her second most-recent tweet was sent from Instagram, an app not available on BlackBerry. And her third most recent tweet, sent Saturday evening, was sent from an iPhone.

Information about how a tweet is posted doesn't appear on the Twitter site, but can be viewed in some apps such as TweetDeck.

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According to the New York Times, Keys had previously dumped the BlackBerry for a "hotter, sexier phones, something with more bling."

And features a tweet Keys sent on Jan. 6, 2012 where she wrote, "I've become an iPhone junky! Sad but true (are u one too?) These are some of my favourite images from my latest download...:)."

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So it's easy to see how one may be confused who Keys is really 'dating', but we can't believe they didn't suggest that maybe she stop using her iPhone more than a day before she took over her new role with the Canadian tech giant.

For not even being able to get their new global creative director on board with their new phone before the launch, BlackBerry executives are awarded with this week's Gaffe of the Week, commemorated with a picture of Rob Ford in butter.

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