Gaffe of the week: Fake cop busted pulling over real cop

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

If you're going pull someone over while pretending to be a cop, make sure it's not a cop you pull over. That's the lesson we learned this week courtesy of Tony Newsom of Memphis, Tenn.

According to WMC-TV, Newsom used a smartphone app that flashes police lights and makes siren sounds to pull over a car on Elvis Presley Boulevard.

The Commercial Appeal reports that "Newsom had red-and-blue strobe lights on the dashboard of his black SUV and his high-beam headlights were flashing when he pulled over an unmarked vehicle."

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However, Newsom probably felt all shook up when he saw what the driver of the unmarked car was wearing. He had just pulled over Officer D. Tisdale, an off-duty cop who was still in uniform. The real cop identified himself, and according to the affidavit Newsom "quickly put his phone away which had red and blue flashing lights on its screen."

According to the WMC-TV, Police say inside Newsom's car he had a Memphis Police Department badge, an empty gun holster, 17 rounds of ammunition and — for some reason we can't begin to speculate — a sex toy.

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Newsom was charged with criminal impersonation and illegal use of flashing lights among other offenses. He was released on $250 bond.

Because he posted bail, he won't be hearing the jailhouse rock, but we're awarding Newsom with this week's Gaffe of the Week, commemorated with a picture of Rob Ford in butter.

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