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Gaffe of the Week: University misspells school name on swag

Typos are forgivable when people make them on Facebook or in a casual email. But when they are glaring errors made by schools or people representing schools, they become hard to ignore.

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Missouri State University recently handed out 6,000 free canvas book bags with their team logo on them. A very nice offer by the school except for one little issue ... They misspelled the word "University." Apparently those students attend "Missouri State Univeristy."

According to the News-Leader, MSU spent $70,844 for 17,800 bags and initially handed out 6,000 last month with the mistake. They then destroyed 2,500 with the error and will be handing out half of the bags with the correct spelling in August. The school has no chance of recouping the costs, which would be roughly $35,000, because they submitted the original artwork with the error and then approved a proof, which also contained the mistake.

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The mistake was discovered after a few hundred were handed out and customers brought it to the attention of the staff. But bookstore staff continued to hand them out.

Earle Doman, vice president of student affairs at MSU, told the paper they would have preferred bookstore staff would have consulted someone. Doman said they would have made the decision to stop handing them out immediately.

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This isn't the only school-related spelling mistake this week. A man running for a school board seat in California submitted a candidate statement with spelling errors. In the eight sentences Linh T. Nguyen wrote, there were at least 20 spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes including spelling baseball with three Ls.

Nguyen says he wrote the statement on his phone and he's blaming auto-correct. We're guessing he probably won't be elected.

For being an institution of higher learning, but apparently having trouble with simple spelling, Missouri State University is awarded this week's Gaffe of the Week, commemorated with a picture of Rob Ford in butter.

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