Gaffe of the week: Wait, the 49ers didn’t just win the World Series, did they?

Thomas Bink
Daily BuzzNovember 1, 2012

The San Francisco Giants are the Rodney Dangerfield of the baseball world — they just can't get any respect.

It all culminated Wednesday afternoon along Market Street in downtown San Francisco when Beach Blanket Babylon performer Tammy Nelson proudly told a crowd of over 500,000 at the team's World Series victory celebration that the "San Francisco 49ers swept the Detroit Tigers."

Ooops. Right city, wrong team, Tammy.

Well, what do you expect. The Giants weren't supposed to be hosting a parade. They weren't supposed to make the playoffs, weren't supposed to beat the Cincinnati Reds in the first round after dropping the first two games and they certainly weren't supposed to sweep the high-powered Tigers in the World Series.

This was a city clearly unprepared for a celebration, and it showed.

Virgin America brought a Tiger along for their corporate float — a mascot clearly more appropriate for a party in Detroit than Frisco. Manager Bruce Bochy's convertible Rolls Royce ran out of gas along the route, forcing attendants to push the vehicle the last few hundred yards to City Hall. Local announcers Jon Miller and Dave Flemming danced one of the most awkward versions of Gangnam Style. Closer Sergio Romo sported a T-shirt that said "I just look illegal" and upstart pitcher Brian Vogelsong unleashed a new rally cry — "You're in jail now!" — riffing off the viral video in which a Cleveland bus driver punched a rowdy female passenger:

Stay classy, Vogelsong. There's nothing like taking the opportunity to glorify violence against women during a pep rally.

Thankfully, Tony Bennett saved the day with a surprise visit and a pitch-perfect rendition of his famous song I left My Heart in San Francisco to wrap up the festivities.

Sadly, the Giants should have left Tammy Nelson off of the parade schedule. For messing up the name of the World Series champs at their own party, Tammy's awarded this week's Gaffe of the Week, commemorated with the statue of Rob Ford in butter.