‘You Are Gay’ among odd retired candy heart sayings

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily BuzzFebruary 14, 2013

Sorry, lovers, you won't be able to tell your crush 'Fax Me' via candy Sweetheart this year.

The Atlantic has unearthed a list of retired sayings from the treat produced by NECCO since 1866. Things have changed in almost a century and a half and sadly, these classic lines had to go. We'll miss some more than others.

The list includes phrases such as 'You Are Gay,' and 'Oh You Kid.' While it's hard not to argue that 'Groovy' and 'Saucy Boy' are out of date, wouldn't we all like to suggest a hot date with our Valentines using 'Let's Read'? C'mon.

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Text speak has permitted shorter sayings and short-forms in recent years that fit more easily onto a candy heart than 'My, Such Eyes,' for example.

NECCO now advertises personalized candy hearts by order but some people have preferred to use social media to invent their own phrases, using the trending hashtag #candyheartrejects. A warning, some of the jokes are not PG.

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Among the less inappropriate St. Valentine's mockery you'll find 'U Weird Me Out,' and 'U + Me = Done Like Dinner.' Ouch.

Sorry NECCO, your marketing suggestion to stage a marriage proposal using a personalized 'Marry Me' candy in a heart-shaped box has been overshadowed by the comedic power of conversational candy.