The girl with the monkey tattoo: Woman to ink Ikea monkey on her stomach

That was fast: A woman says she's getting a tattoo of Darwin the monkey, after he became an international celebrity at a Toronto Ikea this week, and she already has the stencil drawn on her stomach.

A Reddit user posted an image on the site that shows a tracing of the little macaque, now known as Darwin, wearing his cozy shearling coat. The post has 325 comments and counting, including one from a user who says it's a photo of her.

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Someone with the username andivictoria posted:

"Hey, everyone.. this is my tattoo, I'm here to confirm what you're seeing in the photograph is just a stencil. Someone, clearly, took this off my blog & reposted it, " she wrote, adding that she has been working in the tattoo industry for a while.

"Although I would like to say thank you to the people who defended my tattoo in the comments, you're really stupid for thinking something I doodled in sharpie in less than 5 minutes is a good piece," she also wrote in the comment.

The post raises questions about why someone would get a tattoo she thinks is poorly done but andivictoria's blog does, indeed, say she's planning to go through with it.

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"Getting tattooed by Becca Tozer," she wrote on on her blog, "I love my little Ikea coat monkey!"

Since the photo shows only a stencil of the monkey, it's possible this blogger is getting a great deal of attention for the equivalent of doodling on her arm with a sharpie. At least, there's still time to back out and save herself from having to explain to her grand kids why a stylish monkey was funny once for a few minutes.

Andivictoria's blog shows pictures of her and a description of herself as "a little midget misophoniac artist thing."

If she does get the Ikea monkey tattoo, she won't be the first to raise eyebrows with her choice of ink.

Other strange tattoo options have included a grumpy cat, mispelled slogans and Yoda from Star Wars with a lightsaber.

And let's not forget the man who tattooed Mitt Romney's campaign slogan on his face, though he recently told the LA Times he was removing it and starting an acting career, prompting speculation that the whole thing was a publicity stunt.

Stay tuned for the blockbuster The Girl with the Monkey Tattoo.