Grab a raccoon and learn the Hillbilly Slide

Grab a raccoon and learn the Hillbilly Slide

First you bounce your knees, swing your hips to and fro and grab your raccoon to do-si-do — it's the Hillbilly Slide and One Mad Coon.

The self-described hillbilly who has become a viral video personality because of his adventures with pet raccoons is once again making the rounds online with a dance routine featuring a chubby raccoon.

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This video, uploaded in 2012, really shows Brown's style. He grooves to Aretha Franklin's Chain of Fools as an overweight raccoon squeals and latches onto his leg, swaying with his human dance partner. The video currently has 422,784 views on YouTube.

Mark 'Kuhn Rippy' Brown is no stranger to odd encounters with racoons. The man with the long-white beard posted a video of himself showering with a baby raccoon standing on his shoulder, her fur slicked back with water. He didn't forget his Hannah Montana shampoo; Brown also recommends Hannah Montana body spray as "coon repellent."

"It makes me feel bold, yet sassy," he said, poker-faced, about the perfume marketed largely at teenage girls.

When Right This Minute asked Brown why he spent time with raccoons, particularly given they seem to bite him often, he told them the raccoons were spending time with him.

"I'm a likable person," he joked.

Just keep that coon repellent handy, Mr. Brown.

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