It’s handlebar heaven at the European Beard and Moustache Championships

We usually see a spike in facial hair during Movember, but many people who are much more serious about their bristles were in France over the weekend to show off their twirls.

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The small community of Wittersdorf hosted the European Beard and Moustache Championships, which attracted more than 100 competitors from all over the world. The Herald Sun points out that while it is a global event it can't really be compared to the Olympics. But the men did get to flex their follicle muscles for the crowds and judges.

Contestants use wax and sticky tape to hold the hair in place and some wear costumes and hats. Some dress up like sailors, railroad conductors, military men and religious figures.

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According to Mick Bates, who competed in the British championship, he keeps his chops looking good with a daily regimen.

"You have to wash and shampoo them [the moustache, side burns and mutton chops,] and then blow dry them straight so they don't go frizzy and add a bit of wax to take the loose ends up," he told BBC. He said the daily routine takes about 10 to 15 minutes, but if he's going somewhere special he gets his stylist to do it.

This was the first European competition. Las Vegas has the World Beard and Moustache Championships on November 11.

(Reuters photos)