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Hawk snatches up rodent immediately after release

This critter was having a rough day.

In only a few hours a rodent went from a warm indoor lifestyle to a garbage can and into the wild, where it quickly met its demise, if you believe the video that claims to show it happening.

In a YouTube video posted this week entitled "Hawk snatches released mouse," a man in army uniform releases a rodent from a garbage can. Seconds later, a bird enters the frame and snatches it up before flying away.

Some commenters on Reddit said they felt sorry for the man who took the time to capture and release the little mouse. In the video, he says "Oh my gosh," in disappointment.

Other users says the scene is faked, much like another recent video that showed an eagle snatching up a toddler. As it turns out, that video was produced by digital animation students at Montreal's Centre NAD.

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Some argue the hawk looks far more real than the eagle in the former video. There's also a lively debate about the identity of the animal, with the video saying it's a mouse, others arguing it's a rat and still others saying the creature is a shrew.

While the Internet continues to struggle with its authenticity issues, you can enjoy an entertaining video that might show nature at work.

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