#HiddenCash craze has hits Toronto, Vancouver with anonymous hidden money

Twitter scavenger hunt sweeps the county

Wouldn’t it be great to find one hundred dollars just lying around?

Well for some lucky Torontonians and Vancouverites, it certainly was, since an anonymous person has been stashing envelopes with $100 bills around the city and tweeting clues as to where to find them, Huffington Post reports.

A California millionaire started the craze in San Francisco and now two anonymous copycats, one from Toronto and one from Vancouver, are recreating this generous trend.

Twitter user @HiddenCashTO has apparently stashed at least four envelopes, each containing one $100 bill around the city so far. @HiddenCashTO and @HiddenCashYVR have tweeted clues as to where to locate the envelopes of money and their only request is that those lucky enough to find one should tweet back a photo of the found money.

It began in San Francisco when an anonymous millionaire, referred to only as a “real estate magnate” began hiding cash as a protest against rising income inequality. Apparently, this anonymous millionaire became concerned about growing inequality in San Francisco and wanted to do something about it.

“I’ve made millions of dollars the last few years, more than I ever imagined, and yet many friends of mine, and people who work for me, cannot afford to buy a modest home in the Bay area,” he or she told the Bold Italic.

The hunt for hidden cash expanded all the way to Los Angeles, where 36 ‘Angry Birds’ toys containing cash were hidden around Hermosa Beach, reportedly causing “pandemonium” among searchers.

The hidden cash craze is now spreading worldwide with similar anonymous money hiders launching Twitter accounts with clues as to where to look for the money. The person behind @HiddenCashTO seems to be doing this as a way to engage the community rather than a protest of any sort.

“I don’t have A LOT of money by any means. Just enough to make a difference one envelope at a time,” he or she told the Toronto Star, urging whoever finds the money to simply pay it forward.

“It doesn’t have to be money. People can do the same thing by offering shelter to the homeless, giving a kid a few bucks for chocolate drives or sponsoring a child in a distant country who can’t afford to get an education,” said @HiddenCashTO.

Stay updated on where you might find one of these sought after envelopes by following @HiddenCashTO on Twitter.

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