Hilarious video of Newfoundland man who gets stuck in snow

A St. John's man got stuck in a snowdrift as he tried to exit his home earlier this week. (YouTube)

Only in Canada.

It’s no wonder when foreigners think of our country they envision snow, snow, and more snow.

Well, this was certainly the case for a man in Newfoundland who opened his front door last Tuesday to find a wall of snow that he literally had to climb over in order to get out.

St. John’s got hit earlier this week with (hopefully) one last winter wonderland.

Upon trying to find a way over the drift and out of his house, St. John’s resident Barry Horlick got stuck. So stuck, that he couldn’t get out of the snow, which birthed this hilarious video.

“I think I’m stuck! I’m stuck Mudder!” he yelled, as he quickly became chest deep in the stuff.

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The hilarious video of the mother and son bantering as to how he is going to get out of snow went viral on YouTube and even made Ellen DeGeneres laugh so hard that she aired it on her show.

Filmed by the man’s sister, Laurie Horlick, it’s impossible not to laugh at these Newfoundlanders and the struggle they are facing with the snow.

“Jumpin’ Jesus,” Laurie’s mother Maureen keeps saying in the background of the video.

Maybe it’s that amazing accent, or the fact that the grown man literally can’t move because he is so stuck in the snow, but this video demonstrates a pretty hilarious perception of Canada.

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Finally, Barry grabs hold of a washing line pole and pulls himself out of the snow. No sooner did a pile of it fall into the house as he emerged, his mother still freaking out.

“Ohmygawd, look what he got done! Jumpin’ Jesus!” she continued to yell.

The Horlick family, as well as many Newfoundlanders, were still digging their way out of the snow on Thursday. They still can’t believe their little video attracted as much attention as it did!

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