Hitler fashion statements confuse, offend tourists in Thailand

"Great Hitler T-Shirt, you look so cute!"

Wait, what? Cute may not be a word anyone ever expected to hear associated with Adolf Hitler but a fashion trend in Thailand has muddled history, turning Hitler into a style icon, according to CNN.

Tourists and anyone with the most remote sense of history are baffled at a trend among youth in Bangkok to sport T-shirts that depict Adolf Hitler as Ronald McDonald, a cartoonish panda or a Teletubby.

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Outside one of the stores that sell these Nazi-branded goods sometimes stand dummies with mustaches that resemble the Nazi Führer's. CNN even posted an image of a McHitler donation box for Thailand flood relief.

One of the owners tried to justify the merchandise by saying simply that Hitler looks funny and young people like the shirts.

Of course, Thailand is not alone and this isn't new, only evidence of the trend's disturbing persistence.

This fall, a clothing store in India named 'Hitler' received numerous complaints and the owners eventually changed its name, saying they didn't realize what Hitler had done, according to the BBC.

A Japanese costume store that sold a Hitler outfit took it off the shelves in 2010 after a complaint by a U.S. Jewish organization, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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There's no doubt people's jaws would have dropped on Halloween when a Hitler-costumed kid knocked on the door — but not for the right reasons.

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