‘Hitler Kettle’ sells out at J.C. Penney after social media frenzy

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

A J.C. Penney tea kettle that apparently resembles Hitler has sold out after social media users marveled at its likeness to the Führer.

A writer named Benari Poulten says the Hitler kettle blow up is partly his fault after he drove past a billboard advertising the item and did a double-take when he saw its curvy handle, a black knob that could represent a moustache and a spout to the side like an an outstreched arm. A "Heil Hitler" outstretched arm.

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Is it a marketing mishap or an overactive imagination?

Regardless, the Internet took hold of the story and the situation quickly became more than one man's silly comment. Some agreed, some called the idea absurd and others, as always, just made jokes.

J.C. Penney responded on Twitter, denying any association with the Nazi leader.

Still, the billboard is gone, according to New York magazine, and the store's website says the kettle is back-ordered. Apparently there's a market for Nazi-inspired kitchenware. The $45 kettle is now listed on eBay for $199.

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How the popularity of a Hitler kettle reflects on humanity, exactly, is a question that remains unanswered.