Hockey, spuds and a Sudbury Saturday night: Stompin’ Tom Connors greatest hits

Canada's guitar strumming, cigarette smoking musical icon died yesterday, and the country is remembering his catchy tunes along with his staunch patriotism.

Stompin' Tom Connors was 77 years-old when he died of natural causes in his Peterborough, Ontario home. He left a message telling his fans that without them, there would have been no Stompin' Tom.

Connors lives on in the twanging stories of Canadian lives he sang in small towns from coast to coast.

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One of Connors' best known tunes, The Hockey Song has roused crowds at arenas for decades. Connor's habit of tapping his foot on a wood board while he performed, like he does in this Hockey Night in Canada performance, garnered him his Stompin' Tom nickname.

Bud The Spud tells the story of Prince Edward Island truck driver, headed to Ontario with a load of potatoes.

There's nothing quite like a Sudbury Saturday night, if you take Tom's word for it, because the girls are out to Bingo and you know what the boys are doing.

Mufferaw Joe has a pet frog and once he paddled all the way from Ottawa to Mattawa in just one day. That's almost 300 kilometres, for the record.

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Lastly, while an inquiry in Elliot Lake, Ontario, investigates how the town's crumbling infrastructure resulted in a fatal mall collapse, Stompin' Tom can remind us of its boom-town history. There's money to make, you muckin' slushers!