‘Hop on Pop’ remains in Toronto libraries despite encouraging “violence against fathers”

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Hop on Pop

If the name “Dr. Seuss” doesn’t immediately bring a smile to your face as you reminisce nostalgically on those childhood books, than you belong in the same room as the people requesting the beloved Hop on Pop story be removed from Toronto Library bookshelves.

That’s right. According to some angry Toronto residents, Hop on Pop literally puts pops at risk of being hopped on.

The complaint argued that the Dr. Seuss classic “encourages children to use violence against their fathers.” They feel that the library must “pay for the damages resulting from the book.”

Perhaps we should cancel Christmas and hang the Easter Bunny while we’re at it?

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The Toronto Public Library’s Materials Review Committee takes all complaints very seriously, even one as ridiculous as this, but they declined to remove Hop on Pop.


Maybe because it is one of the most loved children’s books of all time.

Along with the supposed horrible Hop on Pop, 6 other “controversial” books were requested for removal as well.

The library declined to remove any of them. If the complainers thought “Hop on Pop” was bad, you can only imagine the complaints they had about other fun children’s books.

Green Eggs and Ham? Oh the humanity!

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The Library’s review committee decided that Hop on Pop “is a humorous and well-loved children’s book designed to engage children while teaching them skills.”

And if the complainants had read the whole book, they might have seen that children are actually told not to hop on pop. The book was originally published in 1963 and still retains its popularity today. That’s got to say something, right?

Among many other prestigious awards, Dr. Seuss won a Pulitzer Prize for his wonderful story writing … so I think he knows a thing or two about children’s books.