Horrified woman notifies Safeway she found a chicken foot with chicken breasts

A Phoenix woman's horror at seeing a chicken foot within a package of chicken breasts at her local Safeway has created an online buzz after she alerted the media and wrote she was "vomiting."

A Twitter user identified only as Lindsey posted a picture of a package that appears to show contain a chicken foot. She has since protected her tweets from public view but NewsBreaker posted a screen shot of the original message.

Screengrab of Twitter user @liiindsey412's photo from Safeway showing a chicken foot.

"Hey, @Safeway, does this look like "chicken breast" to you? I'm vomiting," she wrote.

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A screen shot posted by Gawker shows other tweets to a news organization. "I think this is something you should be alerted about," says one message to 12News. Breaking news: those chicken breasts wrapped in plastic on the grocery store shelf were once attached to feet. And a head too. Many comments on Twitter were less than sympathetic to this shopper's traumatic reminder that chickens have many body parts.

However, Safeway responded to say they would address the situation.

@liiindseyyy412 we are so sorry! Which location was this at?!#yikes #heretohelp — Safeway (@Safeway) July 24, 2013

@liiindseyyy412 thanks for the feedback. We will contact the store immediately! — Safeway (@Safeway) July 24, 2013

According to NewsBreaker, Lindsey returned to the store later and asked to speak to a manager because the package was still on the shelf.

Keep that chicken out of your chicken, Safeway.

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