Housemates cover friend’s entire bedroom in leftover Christmas wrapping paper

Nadine Kalinauskas
Daily Buzz
Robert Brown and Stuart Morhall thought the perfect gift for best friend Craig Macey would be a room makeover.

When Craig Macey, 23, returned home to the English town of Aldershot after spending the holidays away, he was met with a belated Christmas surprise:

The law graduate's entire bedroom had been gift-wrapped.

His housemates, Robert Brown and Stuart Morhall, used 12 leftover rolls of wrapping paper and three rolls of Scotch tape to individually wrap each item found in his room, walls included. It took two days to completely cover everything.

"It was funny and I appreciate the joke, but it wasn't what I wanted after a long drive home," Macey said. "It was nice to have more presents to open mind you."

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While Macey didn't look forward to the cleanup that awaited him, he also understood that the prank was a well-deserved one. He and Morhall had recently wallpapered Brown's bedroom with pages from Argos catalogues. (Brown had worked at the department store in his youth.)

"When wrapping up my Christmas presents I noticed that I had a few rolls of paper left over," Brown said of the prank's inspiration. "I thought it would be a great time to get my own back."

Macey should just be thankful his friends didn't turn his bedroom into a Dexter kill room.

And because the three housemates always play fair, Morhall expects his room to receive an inconvenient makeover in the near future, too.