Husband buys billboard to help wife get a job

Brandon Stuart wanted to help so he spent $700 on the Toledo sign and is hoping it will lead to offers

Unemployment in Ohio sits at more than seven per cent and one man is taking a bit of an unconventional approach to helping his wife find a job.

Holly Stuart lost her job at the University of Toledo due to budget cuts a year ago and hasn't been able to land anything since. So her husband Brandon decided to help out and purchased a billboard to advertise her services.

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"I know she's trying extremely hard, no one prepares like she does," Brandon told Toledo News Now. "It's difficult to watch so I feel like this probably the best I could come up with to help her out."

It reads "Please Hire My Wife" in big letters and lists her Yahoo! email address, her education, experience and a photo.

"Over the last five or six months, she's had a few opportunities come along that we thought looked really positive and unfortunately they just didn't work out," said Brandon to Toledo News Now. "I felt a sense of, she was getting a little frustrated, but not losing hope. But I wanted to do something maybe help lift her spirits if nothing else."

He didn't ask for her permission because if he did it probably wouldn't have happened.

"I think I definitely would have said no. I would have thought it would have been too embarrassing to have my face up on a billboard but, now I'm having fun with it and hopefully a good opportunity will come out of it," said Holly to the outlet.

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Brandon isn't the first person to try this approach. In April, a young man from Minnesota shelled out $300 to put his face and the words "Hire Me" as well as his website on a billboard. Bennett Olson only paid for 24 hours and it rotated with other ads, but it appeared to pay off. The Daily Mail reported in May he had a number of interviews and took a job with a 3D scanning company.

Vincent Giordano doesn't buy space on a giant billboard, but he stands on the streets of New York City in a suit every day from Monday to Friday holding a sign that reads "Hire Me."

Doing something different, even if it was by accident worked out for Canadian Vanessa Hojda. She was the woman who accidentally sent a photo of a psychotic-looking Nicolas Cage to a potential employer at York University. She didn't get that job, but she did receive two job offers though Facebook.

As for the Stuarts, Brandon is paying about $700 to have the billboard up for a week and while according to Toledo News Now they hadn't received any hits in the first few days, he still hopes it'll be worth it.

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