Husband forgets new bride at gas station in Germany during honeymoon

Lindsay Jolivet
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A customer uses a petrol nozzle to fill up his tank in a gas station in Nice August 27, 2012. French Finance Minister will hold meetings with consumer groups and oil industry officials on Monday and Tuesday in Paris to discuss fuel prices. REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

A German bride spent the last few hours of her honeymoon standing at a gas station this week after her new husband, unaware she'd left the van, abandoned her at the pumps.

The Associated Press reported the couple was driving from France back to their home in Germany on Thursday when they stopped at a gas station near Bad Hersfeld. The wife woke up and quietly left the back seat to go to the bathroom, but her husband drove away without noticing she was gone.

He may have been filled up on love after their honeymoon but her husband started their marriage running on empty in the Brownie points department when he drove for two and half hours before realizing his beloved new bride wasn't in the vehicle, according to the Associated Press. He called police and returned to the gas station, where she was waiting for him.

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"My first reaction was ‘is he daft’? I had no money or telephone with me," the woman told a local radio station.

However, the woman also told media she wasn't annoyed with her husband because he hadn't left her on purpose, according to the Local.

That husband is certainly in less trouble with his partner than another groom in the U.K., who made headlines this week for trying to hide that he'd forgotten to book the wedding venue by calling in a fake bomb scare.

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