Identical twin sisters share a boyfriend, spent $240,000 to look more alike

Anna and Lucy DeCinque are indentical in every way - they even share plastic surgeries and boyfriends. (Instagram)

One word: Weird.

There’s no other way to explain these twins from Perth, Australia.

They put a new meaning to the word identical because these two literally have everything in common ... and by everything, we mean everything.

These terrifyingly identical twin girls attended the same schools growing up, they trained for the same profession, and they have even gone through the same extensive surgeries so that they look even more alike.

Unlike most sisters, they share everything, too. Anna and Lucy DeCinque are so close they share a house, a phone, a car, a bed, a Facebook account, a boyfriend, the list goes on.

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Wait a minute, a boyfriend? Oh yes. These two are currently dating one guy.

The girls don’t seem to mind sharing one man. “It’s not really weird to us,” explains Lucy. “We have one boyfriend and all three of us share the same bed.”

The girls have been dating the same guy for the last twelve months. They explain that they have been sharing the same double bed for the last two years.

They say it’s no shock that they are into the same guys when they have the same taste in everything else.

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They go everywhere together, do everything the same, and always wear the exact same clothes. Even their surgeries are identical. They’ve both had their lips filled, breasts implants, and even their eyebrows tattooed onto their face so that they always look the same. They’ve spent a total of $240,000 on surgeries.

They were already identical. The only difference between them was a small scar on Anna’s forehead, and a beauty mark on Lucy’s cheek. They were so much alike that they often traded boyfriends in high school. The only one who could tell them apart was their mother.

Their shared Instagram account showcases hundreds of pictures of the two girls. Funny, they look the same in every single picture.

Clearly these two siblings have spent a fortune on their appearance to get into the limelight. I only hope their fifteen minutes of fame gives them some of their dignity back.

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