Irish girl explains why she doesn’t want to eat meat in Facebook video

Indie-Rose explains why she doesn't want to eat animals in YouTube video. (YouTube)

After hearing this little girl’s heartfelt speech about eating animals, meat lovers everywhere may think twice about their next meal.

Indie-Rose, a five-year-old girl from Dublin, recently shared a tearful explanation to her dad about why she doesn’t want to eat animals anymore in a video posted on Facebook that has since melted many hearts.

According to, the little Irish girl was asked to help prepare dinner with her dad. He got some turkey from the butcher and that’s when all the questioning started.

Indie-Rose is seen sitting at the kitchen table with a plate of rice and turkey bits. She then tearfully asks her dad “why do people chop them up?”

“I really don’t want to eat animals,” she adds.

Little Indie-Rose’s very understanding dad doesn’t have an easy time explaining. He even sends a message to her mother, Nicola Moore, asking for help, according to the mom’s Facebook post.

At one point in the video she grabs a piece of turkey and holds it in her hands. While sobbing, she says, “I don’t like what people eat, animals” and “I just don’t want them to be chopped up.”

As to why she doesn’t want to animals to be chopped up, Indie-Rose says that “animal-people are nice” and that “farmers shouldn’t chop people up. I don’t want to eat a horsey.”

“But pigs are nice too, and chickens are nice and cows are nice,” she adds when her dad tells her people don’t eat horses.

After explaining to the little girl that farmers make a living chopping animals, Indie-Rose finds her own logic for not using animals as meat food.

“If this is how we keep chopping them up, there will be no more animals,” she tell her dad.

The video has since been viewed more than 20 million times on Facebook and in a recent post, Indie-Rose’s mother revealed that her daughter wasn’t pushed into anything. No one in the family is vegetarian.

Since the ordeal, Indie-Rose hasn’t changed her stance on meat.