Jones Soda dishes out poutine-flavoured pop in Canada

Poutine flavoured pop from Jones Soda (Photo courtesy Facebook)

Finally, there's a soft drink worthy of Canadians.

In the north, we know that all those normal, American pop flavours can't please our superior Canadian palates. Jones Soda knows that too, clearly, so they've announced a poutine flavoured soda, scheduled for release in Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec, according to the press release.

It's one of a number of other bizarre Jones Soda flavours, including perspiration, field turf and dirt. Yum, turf.

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They have a knack for intriguing press release descriptions of their more ridiculous offerings.

“Now, you can enjoy all the sweat and dirt an NFL player experiences, along with the ultimate taste of Sweet Victory,” says the description of the sports flavours.

The poutine variety gathers the flavours that define the greasy dish, according to the release, namely starch, fat, salt and cheese. Who hasn't looked at a plate of poutine and said "I'd sure like to drink this up?"

No one has? Oh, okay.

Facebook fans and critics have responded in scores, with many calling the flavour gross, some saying they can't wait to try it and others trying to invent their own flavours.

My personal favourite suggestion is maple syrup candied bacon soda.

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Now that has potential.