Hadrien or Hadrian? Trudeau shares newest baby photo

Justin Trudeau is certainly looking like himself again after taking a few weeks off to enjoy his newest family addition, baby Hadrien.

He's ditched his brief stint of track pants and PJs to get back into suits, suggesting he’s getting back to work.

But upon tweeting, concerns were raised about the correct spelling of the little tyke's name. In Trudeau's introductory tweet, his son's name was spelled Hadrian. In this new tweet, it's Hadrien.

Turns out Hadrien is correct.

“Mr. Trudeau’s son is named Hadrien," Liberal spokeswman Kate Purchase told Global News. "In the excitement and sleep deprivation of the birth, it was misspelled in the initial tweet."

Trudeau had taken some time off to spend with his wife and family after welcoming the little guy to the world on Feb. 28.

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Even before Hadrien was just a little baby bump, Trudeau announced it to Twitter first that his wife, Sophie, was pregnant. He tweeted a picture of their perfect little family aboard a canoe stating in his tweet that they’re going to need another seat in the boat.

Trudeau, who seems to be taking a page out of the Obama handbook on how to use social media, has used different types of social outlets in order to get a leg up on the competition. Trudeau’s campaign for Liberal leader has attracted hundreds of thousands of followers since he first announced his candidacy online.

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