Kangaroo gets police, tourists hopping at Melbourne airport

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz
A stray kangaroo has been caught on the hop at Melbourne Airport.

A kangaroo became tired of Australia on Monday morning and decided to hop a one-way flight to anywhere.

Unfortunately, the wayward kangaroo never made it past the parking lot. Police and photographers were hopping with it, however, as they tried to corner the marsupial outside the Melbourne Airport.

Travelers saw the kangaroo at about 7 a.m. local time, according to Australia's Courrier-Mail.

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The animal skipped around cars, leaping from one end of the lot to the other as officers stood with arms open to block its path. Despite its dodging maneuvers, officers managed to corner the adventurous 'roo and call wildlife officers.

The kangaroo showed signs of distress. It had probably become lost within the concrete barriers of the lot's fifth level.

Officers identified it as a three-year-old eastern grey roo after tranquilizing it, an airport spokeswoman told the media. A welcoming sight for tourists to Australia, maybe, but the animal reportedly hurt its nails from hopping around on concrete.

This is the second kangaroo in a few months to head to the airport.

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Add a monkey trying to shop in IKEA and it might start to look like the animal kingdom was developing human agency. As long as they keep it civilized, it's probably too soon for a Planet of the Apes reference.