KFC Thailand apologizes for inappropriate Tweet during Indonesian earthquake

Daily Buzz

The international chicken restaurant may be feeling a little sheepish after a tweet went out on their corporate Twitter account making light of yesterday's earthquake by telling people to pick up some chicken as they fled.

On April 11, shortly after the magnitude 8.7 earthquake shook countries along the Indian Ocean's coastline, a tweet went out from KFC Thailand's @kfcth account. It read "People should hurry home this evening to monitor the earthquake situation and don't forget to order the KFC menu, which will be delivered direct to your hands," according to The Telegraph. The tweet has since been removed.

Hundreds of angry comments immediately followed on a number of Thai websites and on the KFC Thailand Facebook page that called the company "insensitive" and "selfish," The Mirror reports.

Since then, an apology has gone out on the KFC Thailand Facebook page: "The KFC Thailand fanpage team… would like to apologize for an inappropriate post relating to the disaster," The Telegraph reports:

Even after the apology, many of the comments remained critical of the company and called the company "opportunistic," according to The Wall Street Journal blog.

The earthquake off the coast of Aceh province in Indonesia brought to mind for many the 2004 quake that left 230,000 dead, including 8,000 people in Thailand. There have been reports that five people in Aceh province died in the April 11, 2012 quake, including at least two linked to heart attacks.