Latest Bigfoot sighting video from Russia is most convincing-looking yet

Has Bigfoot finally been spotted?

Some Russian adventurers certainly think so — and they have the footage to prove it.

In the video, an imposing hairy creature appears to march through the snow in a wooded area somewhere in Russia.

The exact date and location of the sighting is unclear, as is about every other fact needed to verify the sighting. Still, the Bigfoot video, whether real or fake — let’s face it, it’s probably fake — is among the most impressive we’ve seen yet.

According to the Mirror, the Russian mountain rescue team went looking for the maybe-mythical creature after hearing reports of sightings in a remote region of the south-western Adygeya Republic.

The adventurers questioned people at a mountainside lodge who claimed to have spotted Bigfoot.

"The creature was big, looking like a bear, but not a bear. From the door we’ve seen something big and shaggy,” eyewitness Ludmila Hristoforova told a local TV station.

One senior search team member said that while he didn’t spot the creature, he heard footsteps and found its huge footprints after it had gone.

"They were 5 to 6 centimetres deep and couldn’t come from a human foot. We took a plaster cast of them and we estimate that it probably would have taken about 200 kilos to press the snow down that much,” said Andrei Kazarian.

The group who captured the creature emerging from the trees on videos took a plaster cast of its alleged footprint and handed their findings over to local scientists for analysis, and to a local museum.

While some believe this is conclusive proof that the mysterious Bigfoot does, in fact, exist, others believe that the video — using a well-costumed, fast-walking human as its star — is a strategic ploy to draw in more tourists to the area.

Bigfoot isn’t just making headlines in Russia.

Not long after a fisherman sent ABC Action News a photo of a hairy creature bathing in Hillsborough River near northeast Tampa over the Christmas holidays, another viewer sent the television station a photo of another sighting, this time of a large footprint, about twice the size of a woman’s size 9, in Tampa Bay Park.

An image expert examined both photos and concluded they weren’t altered. They were, however, likely staged, he said.

Late last year, Calgary man Todd Standing insisted he found the hair of Bigfoot in a B.C. forest — and requested DNA testing.

Despite a lab confirming that the hair sample belonged to a human, Standing rejected the conclusion and stood by his claim, hoping geneticists could somehow prove otherwise.

“This is a perfect sample, uncontaminated,” he told the National Post. “It cannot be mine, and it cannot be another human being’s. And, in fact, in all the knowledge that I have, and everybody I’ve spoken to, it can’t even be a known primate.”

What do you think of the Russian video? Could it be real footage…or is this another case of videographers with too much time on their hands?