Lavender the ram’s leaps save him from slaughterhouse

Leap, Lavender, leap.

A ram on a farm in Britain has leaped himself out of a trip to the slaughterhouse after his human friend turned him into a river-jumping-trick-sheep, according to Metro.

Isobel Brown befriended Lavender the ram and taught him, one step at a time, how to hop over fences and rivers, according to a video in which the ram shows off his talents.

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It's almost majestic to watch him sail through the air.

Brown said her grandfather told her she could keep Lavender, even though he was destined for slaughter. Otherwise, maybe he would have used his new talent to leap away from the farm anyway.

Brown told Metro she trains the ram as much as possible, demonstrating the jumps and encouraging him with treats, such as croissants. What ram doesn't enjoy a croissant now and then?

Lavender's highest jump so far was about one metre, Brown says in the video.

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I once declared a pair of fence-hopping cows the key to the world's next most popular spectator sport — cow hurdle racing — but I would like to amend my suggestion to include inter-species competition.

Let us call it the World Cup Cow vs. Ram vs. Fence competition. Extra points for woolly competitors.

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