Let it snow: Amazing sculptures make the best of wintry weather

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As the snow comes down in Atlantic Canada and along the Eastern Seaboard, people are taking advantage of all that white stuff to get a little creative. Many have taken to Twitter and Reddit to share some of their amazing snow creations, and a few definitely deserve special mention:

(Schaffer Art Studios/Facebook)

This creation courtesy of Schaffer Art Studios just goes to show you the amazing stuff you can do with snow and a little food dye.


Star Wars fans whose minds drift to the ice-planet Hoth when they see a winter wonderland will be even more confused when they see this Tauntaun created out of snow. It's unclear how warm it is when you cut it open to sleep inside, however.


Art student Sunima shared this snow dragon, created earlier in January with fellow art student JonarMS, on Devianart. Sunima said that the pair would have done more had the snow not been melting.


While not a sculpture, Reddit user plebian_lifestyle spotted some strange faces in the aftermath of the snow. No mention of whether Pac-Man was spotted nearby.


Another Reddit user, slommyg21, shared a photo of their project from the last time it snowed more than 20 inches. Unfortunately, it's doubtful enough snow fell for them to make another bar this time around.


And because we're all destined to be flooded with Frozen references every winter for the rest of time, Redditor olliegg wanted to build a very specific snowman: Olaf. There were some embelishments used to help create the finished product, like black polystyrene plates for the buttons.

Earlier in January, Waterloo resident Matthew Morris resurrected his annual Easter Island creations on his front lawn. If you follow Morris on Twitter, you'll see his daily comic strip featuring the sculptures.


While many of the snow creations that have generated buzz on social media have been from North America, this snow camel came from Reddit user hollovv in Saudi Arabia. The snow-building habits of Saudis came into international spotlight earlier this year when a Saudi cleric spoke out against the creation of people or animals out of snow.


Finally, it's nice to see some of the elaborate creations people make out of snow, but there's nothing quite like your very first snowman, as Redditor feckinghound and their son discovered.