Letter writer gets reply, framed cat photo from Prime Minister Harper

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has replied to a Canadian's letter inquiring about his cats, enclosing a large photograph of his grey tabby, Stanley.

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The letter, addressed to Justin Tremblay, appears to have had the desired effect of showing the prime minister's human side, at least on social media, where a few people suggested the cat letter was "the most Canadian thing ever."

It describes his cats and their personalities:

"Our two cats are named Stanley and Gypsy. Stanley is the grey tabby and is two years old. Gypsy is the wise old cat of the house and is almost nine. Her favourite sport is hunting down mice around 24 Sussex. Stanley is less discerning. He will chase anything, as long as it means he gets to play."

Stephen Harper, or more likely his staff, enclosed a picture of Stanley, who was named by the public in a 2011 Facebook poll, according to the CBC.

Put this in the books with the prime minister's rousing performance of the Beatles song, With a Little Help From My Friends, and his recent Twitter appearances documenting a day in the life of the country's leader.

Stanley made an appearance in that day's public relations strategy, too, licking his lips in front the camera while Stephen Harper sat nearby, eating breakfast.

A commenter on the website Imgur noted the Prime Ministerial cat appears have quite the status in his household.

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"This cat. Has a professionally photographed headshot," the commenter wrote.

Well, he is a good looking cat.