LG promotional event goes awry after crowd shows up with BB guns, knives

LG promotional event goes awry after crowd shows up with BB guns, knives

It seems the mobile company LG failed to consider just how voracious its customers would be when it sent Korean fans chasing after helium balloons containing coupons for a free phone on Friday.

People arrived to the promotional event in Seoul carrying BB guns and knives to score their free cell phone, and as the crowd scrambled after the balloons, 20 people were injured, the BBC reported.

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The 100 balloons LG released contained coupons for their new G2 smartphones, which the company is now releasing worldwide. But when people began popping balloons from the air with BBs, and in at least one case, a pointy staff, the safety meter plummeted.

"We can confirm that seven participants were hospitalised and, although none of the injuries were serious, LG takes full responsibility for the unfortunate situation and has offered to cover all related medical expenses," a statement from LG said according to the BBC.

The broadcaster reported LG had cancelled its other events because of the mishap. As Engadget suggests, maybe next time LG should consider holding a raffle instead.

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The LG G2 smartphone sells for $851 in South Korea, according to the BBC, and its new design features power and volume buttons on the back of the phone, rather than on the sides.