Magician pulls invisible driver prank on drive-through workers

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz
A prankster has devised a costume to trick people that the car is driving itself.

A magician-turned-prankster on YouTube has once again baffled drive-through employees, this time by dressing up in a seat costume.

Magic of Rahat posted a video this week that shows the trickster driving through fast-food restaurants with the seat costume on and terrifying workers when it looks like the car has driven itself.

The video is presented by Penguin Magic and it's been viewed more than 3 million times.

Rahat seems to live for tormenting drive-through employees. He's pulled several pranks on unsuspecting fast food victims, including one in which he pretends his money catches fire while trying to pay.

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In another, he creates a shock while the the employee returns his change and then he dramatically pretends to faint at the wheel. In one of the most obvious pranks, he puts a fake hand up his sleeve, so the employee takes his hand off with the money.

This might be the best one yet.