Magician can’t escape jail time after making $560,000 disappear

Jordana Divon
Contributing Writer
Daily Buzz

At least he delivers on what he promises.

That's one way of spinning the tale of a Massachusetts magic-store owner who made $560,000 of a customer's cash "disappear."

But as the Associated Press reports, Harry Levy's victim may not find that angle particularly amusing.

The Lexington businessman was sentenced in a Boston federal court this week on charges of credit card fraud and making false statements.

The owner of Hank Lee's Magic Factory didn't even try to hide his actions behind a red curtain: Levy pleaded guilty to charges that he made 134 unauthorized transactions using his victim's account number.

He'll receive two years' probation and will be forced to pay restitution to his cash-strapped victim, who was forced to put his house up for sale and abandon plans to finance a business thanks to Levy's show-stopping act.