Makeshift Thor’s hammer spits out actual lightening

Jordana Divon
·Contributing Writer

If you can’t be an actual superhero, at the very least you can fashion a superhero’s mighty, impressive weaponry.

Builder Caleb Kraft has done this so well he’s going to have to use his perfectly constructed Thor hammer to fend off the ladies.

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Good thing his makeshift Mjolnir spits out an impressive 80,000 volts of electricity thanks to the portable Tesla coil he inserted in the hammer’s body.

So while it can’t help him fly through the cosmos and the foam hammer head probably exacts as much bodily impact as a stuffed animal, Kraft’s Thunder God weapon can spit out mini-lightening like the world’s most awesome stun gun. Stun gun manufacturers: you may want to get on this.

On second thought, don't.

The Missouri resident explains how he achieved this feat of electrical engineering in a video that is arguably more entertaining than the recent Thor remake (Chris Hemsworth’s Thor biceps notwithstanding.)

He collaborated with circuit designer Staci Elaan, who had already done impressive work with battery-powered coils. Elaan sent him the tiny 12-volt power coil that made Kraft's hammer portable.

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Thanks to her help, Kraft was able to construct one of the coolest DIY projects in recent memory.

This is exactly why the geek shall inherit the earth.