Male cheerleaders The Prancing Elites share their moves online

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

The Prancing Elites, a group of male cheerleaders from Mobile, Alabama, are quickly collecting their own online cheerleaders as videos showcase their killer routines.

The group appeared on Twitter and Facebook in March and a video of them dancing at a college football game was also uploaded in Dec. 2012. But it's a recent video that has saying The Prancing Elites "win cheerleading, the Internet, and life."

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YouTube video statistics show The Prancing Elite's viewership, at least for this video, has started to spike upward.

Even former NBA player Shaquille O'Neal tweeted the video.

The group's Facebook page doesn't name the dancers. It says only they work hard for their money moves.

Thanks for the support..we work very hard to get to where we are..sometimes day in and day out..long late night practices and even early morning practices..we have a passion for the art of DANCE, so no matter how we perform it..its our EXPRESSION OF ART

A video from January shows members of the group performing in matching ties and bodysuits at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama.

Another male cheerleading team based in California called Premier All Male posted recently about the struggles of gaining support as men in cheerleading.

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"We want to show the cheerleading world that we can work with their tough limitations and do it with beauty, grace and humility, though we are a team of men," the post says.