Man auctions off his last name for a year to the highest bidder

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz
Introducing Jason Headsetsdotcom. How much did Jason Sadler sell his last name for? Mary Quinn and Jason have the details

An entrepreneur in the wacky advertising sector has auctioned his last name to the highest bidder.

Jason Sadler will officially become Jason HeadSetsDotCom on January 1, 2013 after he hosted an online auction that invited companies to bid on his last name. The highest bidder was the company, which purchased Sadler's name for one year at $45, 500.

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This isn't the first of Sadler's business ventures in extreme commercialization. He's made money from the shirt on his back from companies that pay him to wear a branded T-shirt. He worked every single day the year he launched that company, according to the website.

The long hours wearing T-shirts didn't slow him down, however, and Sadler is ready to answer to a new name, at least for a while.

"A lot of people have been likening to get a tattoo and selling out forever. You've got to remember this is a 365-day commitment and that's it," he told USA Today.

Sadler isn't the only entrepreneur selling parts of himself.

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A professional wrestler sold space on his face to a Romney supporter who paid him $15,000 to get a tattoo of the Republican campaign logo. A woman in Albuquerque tried to sell her soul on eBay and a man in Florida put his entire life up for sale, including his company, homes, cars and may of his possessions.