Man brings device into police station, doesn’t realize it is a bomb

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

Could you take a look at this bomb please, officer?

A police station in Nicosia, Cyprus was quickly evacuated this week when a man unwittingly walked into the building with a bomb. He told police he had found a device on the window of his car, which was parked in his driveway.

The Cyprus Mail reported the man was Petros Konafis, 33, a former player on Cyprus' national football team.

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Police told Reuters Konafis must not have known the device was a bomb when curiosity or concern brought him to drive it to the station. The former athlete said he didn't understand why it was on his car and wanted police to examine it.

They examined it all right, after implementing a security alert and evacuating the building. Explosive experts defused the bomb, which was a makeshift explosive that had failed to detonate.

Konafis thought the attempted bombing might have been related to his "professional dealings," according to the Cyprus Mail. The newspaper reported Konafis now works as a football agent.

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However, Konafis certainly didn't seem to expect an attack when he picked up the suspicious device and passed it around like an exploding hot potato.