Man clings to hood of moving car after trying to stop hit and run driver

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz
A man in the US has been taken for a wild ride after confronting a driver who backed into his wife's four-wheel drive after the driver sped off with him still on the hood.

Elton Kim is lucky to be alive after doing something we usually see stuntmen do in action movies: he clung to the hood of a car while a woman drove for more than three kilometres.

Kim didn't want to go for the death-defying ride. He intervened after a woman backed into his wife's SUV outside his dry cleaning business in Georgia two weeks ago. He stood in her way to try and keep her from escaping and then she suddenly accelerated. Kim was forced to jump on the hood to avoid being run over.

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Jim Meyer began recording the video when the woman took off with Kim on the hood.

"It surprised me obviously," Meyer told WSBTV. "I wouldn't have expected somebody to take off with a guy on his hood, that's for sure."

Meyer said the driver didn't show any emotion. He assumed Kim had already called the police, but when he heard Kim ask him to call, he stopped recording and dialed 911.

When the woman stopped at a red light, several cars boxed her in and Kim was able to loosen his grip on the hood. However, the woman was able to back up and escape.

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"She seemed rather lethargic. She just seemed out of it, like this situation just wasn't clicking with her that this was happening," said Brian Nixon, who witnessed the event, to WSBTV. "She just didn't seem right at all."

"Very dangerous," said Kim about the incident which left him shaken, but uninjured. "I'm lucky, very lucky."

Police in Georgia are still searching for the driver.

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