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Man kicked out of Australian bar for having a mullet

David Hoogland wasn't being rowdy, he was just having a beer with his fiancé when he was asked to leave

There are a lot of reasons people may get kicked out of a bar, but a haircut usually isn't one.

Even though the mullet fashion style may be mostly dead, David Hoogland has been sporting his for almost a decade and that's just the thing that got him the boot.

While you may think Hoogland's back of his head failed to subdue the front and he couldn't help but party, that's not what happened.

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He had only been in Print Hall's rooftop bar in Perth for about half an hour having a drink with his fiancé and other friends when an employee asked him to leave.

"I'm not in a gang, I don't have tattoos all over me, I'm just an everyday person," he said to The West Australian. "I agree if you're being rowdy, out of control, drunk or abusive then you should be kicked out but if you're just sitting down having a chat and a quiet social drink, I think that's pretty rude."

When Hoogland inquired as to why he was being asked to leave, they told him it was because of his hair.

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Western Australia law allows venues to create a dress code, but they can't discriminated based on sex, race or religion. When the paper tried to contact the Hall management, they declined to comment.

If you were thinking the only people who are upset with this are Hoogland, his fiancé, his friends, Billy Ray Cyrus, David Bowie, Michael Bolton, Hulk Hogan, Andre Agassi, John Stamos, Jaromir Jagr and Chuck Norris you'd be wrong.

The West Australian put up a poll and 54 per cent of respondents said Hoogland shouldn't have been kicked out for his hair.

Another bar in Perth is offering a free beer to any members of its Facebook page who show up with a mullet on Sunday.

(Getty Images photo not of Hoogland)

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