Man looking for owner after finding $20,000 in dumpster

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz

The Massachusetts man found it in a hollowed out book and wants to do the right thing

Most of us know honesty the best policy, but saying goodbye to $20,000 would be really difficult.

Hopefully it's not too hard for one Massachusetts man who found $20,000 in a dumpster. The man, who doesn't want to be identified, is a Brazilian immigrant who has been in the U.S. for about 30 years. According to WCVB, he has one child in college, watches his pennies and remembers living paycheque to paycheque so the money could go a long way, but he wants to do everything he can to find the rightful owner.

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He searches the dumpster about twice a week looking for old magazines to turn into art projects. Last month after checking out some children's books, he found a hollowed out book with between $20,000 to $30,000 inside and is now hoping to return the cash.

"My point of view is, I want to see because if someone maybe who separated the money to buy a house, put a down payment for the house," he told UPI. "What if that happened to me, if it was me? I"m going to go crazy, alright?"

So to help someone else from not going crazy, the man has pledged to search for six month and then if he still doesn't find anyone he's going to decide if he should keep the money. He told Wicked Local if the money isn't claimed in six months he'll probably give a portion to charity and keep the rest. But he isn't just asking around to find the owner, he reached out to local news organizations.

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This man isn't the first to have luck finding money. A Texas teen found $2,000 in an envelope and without hesitation turned into the police. The initial policy was to wait three months and if it still wasn't claimed the money would go back to the finder. However, policy changed giving the teen, Ashley Donaldson, no claim to the money. An outraged community took action and Ashley began receiving donations including an anonymous one of $4,000.

The Massachusetts man is asking people hoping to claim the money to tell him the approximate amount of money stashed inside, a description of the hollowed out space and what else was stored with the money.

He could have easily not told anyone and used the money, but he told Wicked Local he is trying to do the right thing with something that doesn't belong to him. "That's the way I was raised."

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