Man who opened ‘Pandora’s Box’ dies mysteriously

Greek mythology says that all of the evils of the world rushed out when Pandora's Box was opened. (Image via Flickr)

Investigators say they are stumped about the death of a 37-year-old Cumbria, U.K. man, and the box he opened before he died provides only a whimsical clue in its inscription: Pandora's Box.

Pandora's Box was a jar that once belonged, according to Greek mythology, to the first woman on earth, Pandora, and when she opened its lid, all the evils of the world rushed out into the world, leaving only Hope lingering inside.

But the Pandora's Box opened by Jason Airey of Carlisle, Cumbria in May contained synthetic cannabis, according to the Telegraph, and he didn't ingest any of it. Airey's family found him unconscious at home with the opened box, and its inscription in red lettering, next to him.

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He later died in hospital and an autopsy found his heart had stopped, causing widespread organ failure and eventually death, the Cumberland News & Star reported.

But why?

An inquest heard Airey had no drugs in his body when he died, and his family said he had not taken any drugs since a "bad experience with ecstasy" 13 years prior, according to the News & Star.

His cause of death remains unclear, though the coroner, Robert Chapman, stated a sudden change in his heart beat, known as cardiac arrhythmia, could have killed him.

Airey's father said Jason was happy and normal on the day he died.