Man robs woman on ferry, adds her on Facebook the next day

This tattoo on Riley Mullins' neck was the reason that he was caught after mugging a woman at a ferry terminal for her iPad.

If you’re going to rob someone for their personal belongings and hope not to get caught, 'friending' them on Facebook is probably not a good idea.

According to Port Orchard, Washington authorities, a woman sitting at the Bremerton ferry terminal with her headphones on was struck on the back of her head by a man who then seized her iPod and her purse. However, the woman caught a glimpse of the man’s triangle shaped tattoo on his neck before he ran off.

The following day, the woman received a Facebook friend request from an unknown user, and upon looking through his pictures, she immediately recognized the tattoo.


Investigators confirmed that the tattoo belonged to the man who attacked her. Riley Allen Mullins, 28, of Port Orchard, Washington, was charged on Friday at the Kitsap District Court with second-degree robbery, the Daily News reports.

Needless to say, that's one friend request that was probably ignored.

(Photo via Facebook/Riley Mullins)

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