Man set Beer Mile record, breaks 5-minute mile while chugging 4 beers

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Who doesn’t love exercise and beer? Separately, of course, but together? It seems these two very different things don’t exactly go hand in hand, then again, maybe you’ve never heard of The Beer Mile.

The Beer Mile is a challenge, which is much easier said than done. The challenge consists of running one mile while downing four beers. Each lap on the track is ¼ mile, therefore one beer must be chugged at the beginning of each lap. Think you can hack it?

James Nielsen decided he wanted to complete The Beer Mile and beat previous record-holder Josh Harris’ time of 5:04.9.

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In preparation for the challenge, Nielsen said he consulted with some of the “best chemical minds on the planet” about the chemistry and composition of beer and carbon dioxide displacement in the can. In order to raise the CO2 into the top (or head) of the beer, he was told it must be at an optimal temperature so that when you pop open the tab, as much CO2 escapes and the beer becomes much easier to chug.

“Most importantly, I’ve mastered the physics of fluid dynamics and air displacement. The biggest challenge for me is not drinking the beer fast and not running fast. It’s gonna be getting that beer out of the can as quickly as possible when inhaling it so I can put those beers down in about four or five seconds,” Nielsen said.

He beings the race, and his pace is very good. He has no problem chugging the beer after each lap as he makes his rounds, but by the third lap you can tell he is struggling.

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With a little encouragement from his wife, he crosses the finish line of that final lap and successfully beats the record.

Breathing heavily, he’s asked to say a few words on his big win, but all he can muster in between breaths is, “that … is really painful.”

Congratulations Nielsen, you’ve officially become every college kid's hero!

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