Man slices off ‘offending’ tongue to win back wife

Jordana Divon
Contributing Writer
Daily Buzz

Some men who find themselves in the doghouse try to make amends to their partners with flowers or gifts.

But as the Hindustan Times reports (via Huffington Post), a TV mechanic from India resorted to far more drastic measures when he realized a mere trifle wouldn't win back the wife he drove away with his frequent and relentless insults.

So to show her that he was serious about holding his tongue, Bunty Verma went ahead and physically removed the offending organ himself.

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"He wrote a note to her claiming it was his tongue that was responsible for verbal abuse and sliced it off," AOL reports, adding that the man also asked for her forgiveness.

Verma was admitted to hospital after his bout of self-mutilation, although it's unknown whether his estranged wife received a Vincent Van Gogh-style package in the mail along with his apology letter — or whether the gesture convinced her to take her now-tongueless spouse back.