Man steals $26,000 bottle of scotch from Toronto liquor store

LCBO scotch theft suspect (Courtesy Toronto Police Service)Someone will be sipping a smooth, vintage scotch this evening, as Toronto police and staff at the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) appear dumbfounded at how the bottle slipped away.

A middle-aged man wearing a Burberry shirt, a hat and black-framed glasses walked into a downtown LCBO in Toronto on Sunday, slipped a bottle of Scotch under his trench coat, paid for a bottle of wine, and left, according to Toronto Police.

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Liquor theft isn't unusual or especially interesting. Unless, of course, the stolen bottle is a 50-year-old bottle of scotch valued at $26,000, which was supposedly locked away in a display case, according to the Globe and Mail.

Ontario has only 15 bottles of that vintage Glenfiddich scotch and there are only 50 worldwide, police wrote in a release. The LCBO's website also lists a 40-year-old bottle of Glenfiddich Single Malt scotch at a price of $3544.95, available at the same Toronto location.

This fall, an older bottle of the same brand scotch sold for $52,000 at a Toronto auction, according to CTV.

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An LCBO spokesperson told the Globe and Mail the board is holding a review to find out if it needs to improve security. Perhaps staff might start by asking the thief if he thinks their security is effective.

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