Massive fish mistakes man’s arm for for bait in Florida

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz
While feeding tarpon in Islamorada, Florida, this man gets a closer encounter than he bargained for after a massive Silver King jumped out of the water and grabbed onto his arm!

It was a battle between fish and arm.

The man in this video gave the videographer quite a shock when he held his hand over a dock, seemingly holding fish food, and suddenly found his arm swallowed by a tarpon.

Gawker reports the bold fish-feeder is a man named Ryan Reynolds who was feeding fish at an attraction in Islamorada, Florida.

It's unclear what Reynolds thought would happen if he dangled his arm over waters frequented by tarpon that can reach up to 8 feet in length.

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Online comments note the man reaches behind the tarpon's gills once it jumps out of the water, suggesting he might have been trying to catch the fish by hand.

Between screams, the woman behind the camera also yells "get him!" repeatedly. People standing by help the man pull the fish onto the dock where it's eventually released back into the water.

Perhaps he was trying pull the fish up to gain an advantage in the fight. Things might have gone differently had they gone for a swim.