Toronto Mayor Rob Ford made into massive butter sculpture

He is shown at CNE reading a Margaret Atwood book and talking on his phone while driving

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has joked in the past about being "300 pounds of fun." Well, now he is almost 500 pounds of butter and unlike some of his press conferences, the statue is smooth.

The buttery statue of the mayor reading a Margaret Atwood book and talking on his cellphone while driving with his elbow on the wheel is the creation of Toronto-based sculptor Olenka Kleban. It's on display at the Canadian National Exhibition as part of the fair's annual butter sculpting show. It sits in a refrigerated showroom at the Better Living Centre.

"I just emphasized what's already there. I put a few stories together in one sculpture," said Kleban to Global News. "It just brings back attention to the fact that Rob Ford is our mayor and these are some things that Rob Ford has been up to and these are some things that Rob Ford has emphasized himself."

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The sculpture alludes to the mayor and his brother's spat with Canadian literary icon Margaret Atwood over library funding. It also reminds the locals of the time the mayor was photographed reading while driving on the Gardiner Expressway and the time he was caught talking on the phone behind the wheel.

"Rob Ford is such a character," she said to the Toronto Star. "He's our mayor and he's a political figure, but he's more than that. He makes a very good subject...he attracts attention to himself."

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While the sculpture may look like it's making fun of Ford, Kleban told Global News she agrees with the mayor's stance on some of the issues.

Unfortunately, the sculpture depicting some of the stuff Ford has done while driving only has two hands. Perhaps, if it had a third one, it could also be shown flipping the bird at the viewers.

Ford has said he's a busy man. But even though he clearly could make use of the time on the road, he is refusing to hire a driver.

(Photo posted by Kira LeBlanc on Twitter)

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